Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Candy Shop

I was very busy this weekend making my first foray into the world of canning, whipping up home made lacing cards for my darling daughter, we'll call her Charlotte for this blog, and trying to decide if Royal, also a pseudonym for my handsome son, wants to be Wolverine or Anakin for Halloween... decisions decisions! Indeed. (We are a HUGE Halloween family, collectively...!)

My segway to the Candy Shop... I was also very busy reshooting (long overdue!) my Etsy shop photos. These are collages essentially for you, they are clearly not my image listings for Etsy. Honestly, I love the vintage scarf, it was my Grammie Louise's, and how the pinks and corals and florals grab the sunlight, and just look so simply delicious, but I'm not completely confident this is THE background for my scrumptious jewelry confections. I'm open for suggestions, and I welcome constructive criticism please.


The colors are gorgeous though, against the vintage cranberry glass, the gold, and the pearls most notably. I really need a model, hmmm... I'll put that on my To Do List, the infinite To Do List.

More to come about canning and the wonders of that whole historical kitchen science, and of course, the Halloween Update.

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