Monday, October 12, 2009

Vintage Golden Globe Bracelet

Warm, Big Thanks to Heather, of The Penny Pinching Mame fame! Visit her action-packed-fun-filled blog to win my Vintage Golden Globe Bracelet. She always has something special brewing, I would hate for you to miss out...!

Heather has her pulse on what is happening and just where to find just what. Cheers, Heather!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ode to Summer Past

Farewell our sweet summer. I know the equinox passed many days ago, but today, with the rain and the gloom, and the (I admit - rather cheerful) melon hued leaves, it is sinking in as reality. And I wore my trusty knee highs today...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Candy Shop

I was very busy this weekend making my first foray into the world of canning, whipping up home made lacing cards for my darling daughter, we'll call her Charlotte for this blog, and trying to decide if Royal, also a pseudonym for my handsome son, wants to be Wolverine or Anakin for Halloween... decisions decisions! Indeed. (We are a HUGE Halloween family, collectively...!)

My segway to the Candy Shop... I was also very busy reshooting (long overdue!) my Etsy shop photos. These are collages essentially for you, they are clearly not my image listings for Etsy. Honestly, I love the vintage scarf, it was my Grammie Louise's, and how the pinks and corals and florals grab the sunlight, and just look so simply delicious, but I'm not completely confident this is THE background for my scrumptious jewelry confections. I'm open for suggestions, and I welcome constructive criticism please.

The colors are gorgeous though, against the vintage cranberry glass, the gold, and the pearls most notably. I really need a model, hmmm... I'll put that on my To Do List, the infinite To Do List.

More to come about canning and the wonders of that whole historical kitchen science, and of course, the Halloween Update.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Golden Cube Necklace

Ahh the birthday bracelet is still in the works, but it's time to post a picture of some recent work.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome World!

So here I am, and very glad to be, I must sincerely say.
I've thought about this all week, my debut, and I decided it was time to post, regardless of what thoughts might be available in my mind at this very moment. Turns out, I'm not quite sure where to start, which is not completely unexpected. I was prepared for this.

BlueShoeStudio, the gajillion-and-seventh blog to hit this known universe! I promise to keep it snappy and upbeat, and if I do say so myself, I have quite a lot of interesting bits in store! Everyone is who they are at this moment, because of everything they have ever done, every thought, every relationship, every movement, every mistake, every success, so this journal of mine, will illustrate these. It is a process, and everyone has a story. I have always thought that everyone should and could write a book, about something, anything they are expert in or simply interested in. Like I said before, I will do my very best to keep this interesting for you, and for me, and I thank you for joining the program.

At this moment, I am a child of this Earth, who craves creativity and production. I need to keep my hands and my mind busy, and in the myriad of notebooks I keep stashed in all of my personal corners of this world, my ideas and thoughts flow. And right now, I can't wait to get home to finish my friend's birthday gift. I will post the picture later. I always work better when I have a muse. Revolving muses. My favorite!